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An application written in C#/WPF that tracks the mouse over multiple monitors.

It doesn't really have a purpose per se, but looks nifty(ish)…



So… What I’ve done here is tracked my mouse movements for a short while (the dots represent points where I stopped), and then combined a print screen of my desktop with the output from the application (see below):



That kind of sums it up…

A few things to note -

  1. It stores all temporary files in your ‘My Pictures’ folder, in a new folder called MousePath.
  2. It attempts to clean that directory, but invariably misses a few :(
  3. When it starts up, it will cover your whole screen, ALT-F4 will exit, but you’ll need to press the Windows key on the keyboard (or ALT-TAB) to switch to another program (after that, it should sit comfortably behind the taskbar)
  4. To build the source code, you'll either need to install the Reactive extensions from: or use nuget and search for 'reactive'

Erm, it’s not too memory intensive…



I do plan to fix these, but if I didn’t upload it now, I probably never would…

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